Scheduling synchronization of Anki databases on OS X

While working on a project to automatically collect statistics on my Anki databases (stay tuned…) I worked out a system for scheduling synchronization from my desktop OS X machine. Prerequisites LaunchControl is a GUI application that lets you create and manage user services on OS X Anki is a spaced repetition memorization software system The solution relies on Automator. Normally, I don’t care much for Automator. It has too many limits on what tasks I can accomplish and workflows created with it are often fragile.

anki_tool: low level manipulation of Anki databases

Speaking of Anki, here’s a Swiss Army knife of database utilities that provides searching, moving and renaming functions from the command line. On GitHub. You can do things like this to rename and collect tags: $ anki_tool mv_tags '(dinosaur|mammal)' animal Looks cool.