Using lynx to bypass ad block detection

Organizing works as playlists and folders It turns out that command line text web browers like lynx can bypass AdBlock detection. On macOS, I installed lynx using Homebrew. Then from the Terminal, it’s just lynx your-url. It’s actually quite pleasant to read text without all of the images and fluff.

How to disable links opening in a new tab

One of the most infuriating UX choices on the web is the developer’s choice to open every single link in a new tab. There are a few sites I interact with, including Aliexpress, where the designers have inflicted this on the users. Fortunately, I found a solution. The Chrome extension target=”_blank”-toggler works well. When you hover over a link which would open in a new tab, it superimposes a visual signal.

Using AdBlock Plus to block YouTube comments

YouTube comments are some of the most offensive on the web. Even serious videos attract trolls bent on inscribing their offensiveness and cruelness on the web. Here’s one method of dealing with YouTube comments. Treat the comments block as an advertisement and block it.1 1. Download AdBlock Plus Download the AdBlock Plus extension for the browser you use and install it. 2. Create a custom ad filter In this step you will create a filter that treats the entire comments section of a YouTube page as an advertisement.

Observation: Facebook groups don't work

I’m reluctant about using Facebook. Recently I returned after a 5 year sabbatical. It seems about the same as it was when I left. But I had never really used Facebook groups before. So when a friend launched a group around a topic of interest to me, I joined enthusiastically. While watching the numbers grow quickly in the first few days, I realized what a difficult platform it is for having any kind of meaningful discussion.