NYT: Women who voted for Trump

Some insight into women who voted for Trump.

“I think he’s a really good man, deep down. This guy has such potential, and I truly believe he cares about our country and wants to help everyone.”

Well, by everyone, you mean “those exactly like me.” Actually, how about “just me”.

“But I had an 8-year-old who was totally on the Trump train. He talked me into taking him to a Trump rally.”

It’s never too early to think about getting the youngsters into the Hitler Youth.

“Trump’s a successful businessman, and I feel like that’s what America needs to bring our economy back.”

Well, let’s just forget about the multiple bankruptcies and stiffing contractors.

“Benghazi. The emails. The I.R.S. She’s a liar.”

Thank goodness we elected a truth-teller. Right.

“Look at how much Trump hires women, how much he does rely on women, how much he relies on his own daughter. I’m sort of amazed by her. She may pull him more into the middle. She’ll be a good voice for women.”

A good voice for wealthy women of privilege.

“Driving to work yesterday, I saw three homeless people. They need our help.”

So taking away any hope of medical coverage is the best way to help people?